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Hazard Perception Test Help: what's the pass mark?

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Hazard Perception Online Help by Driving Test Success

The Hazard Perception Test is a core part of the Theory Test. You can not pass the theory test without getting enough marks in your Hazard Perception Test.

This means that even if you get 100% in the theory part but 50% on Hazard Perception you will fail overall in your theory test.

The maximum you can get in your Hazard Perception Test is 75 and you need a minimum of 44 marks in order to achieve a pass mark.

In your hazard test you have a total of 14 clips whereby there are 15 scoreable hazards for you to identify, one of the clips having two.

The timing of your hazard identification is marked out of 5, the closer you are to the ideal time the higher your score.

You can start practising for your Hazard Perception Test today by downloading our Hazard Perception PC Download available now for just £9.99


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