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The 10th Lesson and Instruction Based Progress - Diary of a Learner


I have now had 10 lessons. I can not believe the progress I have made in such relatively short time. Though I haven't learnt any new manouevres since my seventh lesson I feel like I've made a lot of progress. Personally for me, progress is not measured by the number of manouevres I can do or how quickly I can get through to the practical driving test but rather I'm measuring my progress based on how confident I feel at the wheel. For other people how you measure progress will differ. Some people will be confident even before they've got behind the wheel, those people are probably likely to see number of manouevres learnt as their progress indicator. For me, it's been about feeling confident and competent at driving.

I personally would rather fail a driving test feeling confident about my driving than to pass a driving test and not feel like I was ready to go it alone on the roads. The great thing about being on my tenth lesson is that more and more things are making sense. As well as this, I'm anticipating instructions too. Rather than being told what to do when approaching a roundabout I'm ready to do all the necessary things. This to me is a great way of identifying how well I've progressed.

The stages I've gone through with regards to instruction based progress is as follows: Obey Instructions Without my Driving Instructor's instructions I do not know what to do. E.g. I do not know that I need to change to a lower gear Understand Instructions I know why I am being given these specific instructions. E.g. I understand that I should go to a lower gear because this will enable me to move off quicker Anticipate Instructions Now that I can act on instructions and know why they are necessary I am able to anticipate instructions. E.g. As I slow down I anticipate that I will be instructed to change to a lower gear as I come to a stop This is fantastic for me as only a few lessons ago I actually thought to myself well I can drive with my instructor telling me what to do, he's not going to be there all the time so what happens then?

So I'm now 10 lessons down. I feel confident to continue learning and it is a great feeling when you realise you've performed according to the demands of a situation rather than the instructions of your driving instructor.

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