3 Point Turns & Reversing Around and Beyond a Corner - Diary of a Learner

Lessons 6 required that I do a 3 point turn. I knew this was coming up as after each lesson I ask my instructor what we'll be doing on the next lesson. This gives me an opportunity to mentally prepare myself beforehand and to swot up. The last thing I want in a driving lesson is to be asked to do something I've either never heard of or not expecting.

After watching it several times I felt confident that I wouldn't panic when it came to lesson 6 to do 3 point turns. Luckily for me, the video helped an enormous amount. After just two attempts I was able to do my three point turns unaided and confidently. Next up for me was reversing around a corner. Sounds easier than it actually is, especially for me. The timing of your steering is key to the success of this manoeuvre and I struggled with it. I was rather good at reversing around a corner and continuing beyond or I was good at reversing around a corner on to the other side and then back and forth. Looks like this is a manoeuvre that'll take more time and practice then I'd hoped! Definitely time to read the Driving Test Success guide to reversing around a corner!

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