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The ADI Standards Check - Rachel Talbot

Rachel Talbot took an ADI Standards Check on 30th Sept 2015. She explains what happened so you can prepare if you're about to have one too.

I originally failed my ADI Standards Check by 1 mark in June ( with a 7 in the risk management section and a B overall but failed due to not getting 8 or more in risk).

I initially took a partly trained learner and put her in too many risky situations that she couldn't handle.

As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about this Standards Check and spent some time planning a route and the lesson beforehand. I also planned which pupil I chose very carefully.

The pupil I took for my ADI Standards Check had his driving test the next day,  so was very much at the trained stage (with around 30 hours of practise).

He’d said he’d like to do reverse park.

I introduced examiner and pupil. We all got in the car and started by talking about how he felt the last lesson went,  and what he’d like to achieve by the end of this lesson.

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He said he’d like to feel better about the reverse park. I had a practice area in mind where on the way we would be passing over a number of junctions and roundabouts. I asked how he would like help. 

He wanted to try them himself as his driving test was the next day. I said it was a good idea,  and that I’ll let him take responsibility for safe driving of the car but I’ll be here to intervene if he thought he hasn’t seen a hazard or risk. 

I have dual controls/can reach for the steering wheel or I can help verbally. 

I made sure the pupil agreed before saying "when you’re ready let’s move off". (GET PUPIL AGREEMENT FOR EVERYTHING).

To meet the risk criteria, I know that you have to constantly be looking around at the roads and what they are doing. I asked questions such as “tell me what you are going to do about that lorry parked on double yellow lines ahead”. We went over some junctions and roundabouts with no issues, I gave praise, I asked more questions about the signs he could see and what that meant for his planning etc.

I then took him to the reverse park practice area, which was SO MUCH BUSIER than the day before. I got him into an AWFUL situation where he was boxed in a dead-end. It was almost impossible to turn in the road to get out, so I tried to manage the risk by saying: “how would you like me to help you here?”

He said, “Please could you help with observations out the back?”

I replied; "Yes, of course, I will tell you if I see anything that could pose a risk.”  I kept looking around, re-clarifying where I was looking, giving praise etc.

I thought I’d failed my Standards Check at that point for taking him to such a terrible place!

We found a new spot and worked through the reverse park again. He said he’d like to do it himself, with no help from me. 

I said I’d continue to look round and would let him know if I saw something that I felt he hadn’t and checked that was ok.

We worked on correcting his reverse park issues, minor issues such as the timing for straightening the wheel, and I corrected with Q&A.

He asked questions throughout the lesson about lots of things which was helpful in creating dialogue and discussion.

The drive back to the Test Centre was fine, as he was still handling risk and asking questions.

I asked what he thought went well about the lesson? Did anything not go so well? How do you think you could do things differently next time?

Then I gave praise and confidence building for his test the next day (which he passed!).

I got 42/51, so one mark off an A with all 2s and 3s.

I think if I'd taken him down a more suitable road for reverse park then I’d have got an A (I got a 2 for suitable practice areas)!

The examiner said I could’ve asked him to check his mirrors slightly sooner when exiting a roundabout, which I’d not spotted/thought what he was doing was fine. So all in all, I felt very relieved and happy that I’d passed with a high B and feel I could get an A next time.

Thanks to everyone on the ADI Standards Check facebook page who helped me.

Good luck with your Standards Check too!


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