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Can a Driver Sleep in a Driverless Car?

Google's self-driving car

Are they able to sleep in a driverless car? Can you eat? Wondering just how much responsibility the driver of a driverless car has? Well, the co-operative insurance group have asked a selection of drivers aged 17-25 for their thoughts and expectations of driverless technology, with some surprising misconceptions: 22% of those asked thought they'd be able to drink alcohol and drive in a driverless car, and 24% thought they'd be able to sleep behind the wheel. But this isn't the case as the 'driver' always needs to be able to take over the controls at any point. Whilst 37% of those asked found driverless cars appealing, a huge 68% who do not welcome the technology, fearing it will fail, especially with traditional cars on the road alongside driverless cars.

Reasons young people like the idea of driverless cars:

  • Not as much human error 29%
  • Can travel and get other things done 28%
  • Can sleep on way to/from places 24%
  • Because there is no driving involved 24%
  • Tyre pressure and windscreen washers will be automatically monitored 24%
  • Can drink alcohol and drive 22%
  • Can work in the car 21%
  • Can finish getting ready on the way to places 19%
  • Can call/text people 17%
  • Because I don’t like driving at night 11%
  • Because I don’t think I’m a very good driver 8%
  • Because I’ve crashed before and don’t trust myself 4%

The things that worry young drivers about driverless cars:

  • The technology may fail 68%
  • The technology isn’t proven 51%
  • Driverless cars will cause accidents 43%
  • Don’t think it is safe 40%
How do you feel about driverless cars?
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