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Can I Drive On My 17th Birthday?

17th Birthday

Turning 17 is a great milestone for any teenager as GCSE’s are finally over, and you can now start tasting parts of adult life. If you are feeling courageous you can officially donate blood without a guardian and if blood isn’t your thing, you can start to learn to drive. But when you ask?

When can I get my Provisional License?
You will be pleased to know, you don’t actually have to wait until you are 17 to apply for your provisional license. You can put in your application for a Moped, Motorbike and Car license from age 15 years and 9 months. 

To apply, it costs £34 online and £43 by post. You will need provide:
- An identity document (e.g. passport, BRP, EU identity card & travel document see more).
- Address (where you have lived for 3+ years)
- National Insurance number 

Apply for your provisional here

When can I book my Theory Test?
As soon as you receive your provisional license, you can book your Theory Test for the date your license is valid from.
- 16th birthday onwards if you’re learning to ride a moped (no more than 50cc)
- 17th birthday onwards if you’re learning to ride a motorcycle or drive a car

The great news is, if you are really eager you can book your Theory Test for the day of your 17th birthday. What better way to celebrate?

Book your theory test here

NOTE: If you are learning to ride a moped, you must take your CBT before you start learning. Read more here.

When can I start driving lessons?
It’s one of the best feelings receiving your provisional license in the post, and if you are eager you may receive it before your 17th birthday. However, your license is not valid until you officially turn 17. So booking driving lessons is fine to do in advance, as long as they fall on/after this date. Make sure you take your license to your first driving lesson so your instructor can confirm your eligibility. 

Want to book driving lessons for your 17th? Use our instructor database to find an approved instructor in your area here.  

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