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Did you fail the Practical Driving Test too?

Evie's driving advice

As part of our Learner Driver Diaries, we spoke to Evie Pearce, who explains how it feels to fail the Practical Driving Test, twice!

If you're learning to drive and getting anxious, it's worth knowing that if you do fail the Practical Driving Test, it is not the end of the world! 

How it feels to fail the Practical Driving Test

After Evie Pearce failed the driving test twice, she explained that:

"I was in a ‘mood’ about it for over a year, and as somebody who struggles with anxiety, I was determined to smash it the second time.

"However, anxiety got the better of me and I failed again.

"For over a year I couldn’t bring myself to get back behind the wheel. Not because I was scared of driving, but because I was scared of failing again."

How to regain your confidence after a failed Driving Test

We asked Evie what happened on her tests, and she explained that the first test that ended in a fail was completely her fault because of the "silly errors I made".

But, her second test was very different. She said that:

"My examiner shouted at me and also lied to my instructor about what I’d done wrong in the test! Obviously this has made me very anxious about doing it again.

"It’s been over a year since I failed the second Driving Test and I although I am still incredibly anxious about the prospect of failing again, I am determined to get back in and prove that I can drive, and drive well!"

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What will make the difference in making sure you don't fail the Practical Driving Test the third time?

Evie told us that:

"I absolutely love driving. I’ve always been more of a ‘practical’ learner and find doing things the best way of learning.

"Failing the test hugely knocked my confidence and I managed to convince myself that I am destined to never ever pass!  I know in reality that’s just me being daft though.

"So after much deliberation, I think I am finally ready to get back behind the wheel and hopefully pass the third time.

"I want people to know that they’re not alone in feeling like once they’ve failed that they’ll ‘never pass’ because that’s exactly the mindset I’ve been in the past year. 

 " It’s about challenging those thoughts, reminding yourself that you CAN do it and with the right help and training you will pass.

"There are a fair few tools to help you through both your Theory Test and your Practical Test.

"You can buy the DTS Anytime Online Training, download the Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 App, and use the website tips here or use the search function to get even more help and advice.

 "I’ve been using the DTS Anytime Online Training which is perfect to use anywhere, anytime. Once you have the software, you can access it on your laptop, phone or tablet. I have it on my tablet so I can get it out when I’m relaxing in the evening on the sofa, sitting on the bus or at a coffee shop!

"There’s a lot of help with the Theory Test on the Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 App, but there are also videos and tutorials related to the Practical Driving Test.

"Although I’ve already passed my theory, I’ve found it really useful to go back through the questions and information because obviously, it’s relevant to your practical driving.

"Revising things such as signs, stopping distances, and general road safety continues to keep my knowledge sharp!"

 What would you say to other learners who may have failed too?

"Although I’m scared, I also now know the test format, so those of us who have failed once know what to expect!

"I’ve done it twice before so it won’t be alien to me. And, it’s also only roughly 40 minutes of your life!

"If I can get back in the driving seat and take the test again, so can you!"

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