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Driving with a Provisional Licence

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A learner driver with a provisional licence can drive when supervised by someone who;

  • Is at least 21 years old
  • Holds a full UK driving licence (for the vehicle you’re driving – manual, automatic)
  • Has held their licence for atleast 3 years
  • Must adhere to road laws and be capable of taking control of the vehicle and guiding the learner driver if they need help or become confused

In no circumstance is a learner allowed on the road supervised by someone who is over the drink drive limit. This seem like common sense, right? Well, a survey carried out by Co-operative insurance revealed 17% of motorists admitted driving for someone who had been drinking whilst still only holding a provisional licence – with 45% saying their passenger was in no fit state to help or take control if they needed to. "The law is clear in that learner drivers have to be supervised when they take to the roads. "Anyone who asks a learner driver to take them home after a festive get-together where the other passengers are all under the influence of alcohol are putting these learners in an unfair situation. "If you plan to have a drink, order a taxi or walk home. Don't drink and drive and don't expect learners to take you." - Nick Ansley The penalty for a learner driving without proper supervision can be up to 6 penalty points on your provisional licence and a £1,000 fine. Think! If you're out with friends or family who have had a few too many drinks DO NOT be pressured into driving - call a taxi and make it home safe.

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