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Driving Test success rates for 2019

driving test success rates

The Driving Test success rates for 2019 have been analysed by Nick Darani (aka Papa Nick) of Papa Nick’s Driving School, and here, he also provides some top tips to make sure you pass!

Passing your Driving Test has, and always will be a nervous time for any person preparing for their freedom on the roads.

We’ve investigated the Driving Test success rates across the UK since 2014 to find out how successful we are as a country at passing our drivers, and how you can improve your chances of passing the first time!

Have a look at the infographic below that shows, among other statistics, that over £50 million has been spent by learner drivers since 2014 in getting their licences!

driving test success rates

How to improve your chances of passing your Driving Test

First things first, don’t rush yourself!

We find that learners are always so eager to get their licence that they will often rush into booking their Driving Test and, unfortunately, this urgency can often lead to a fail. 

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If on average, our success rate is between 43-45% as a country, we suggest that you listen to your driving instructor and only book your test once you’re ready for it. 

If your driving instructor doesn’t feel like you’re ready then, please listen to them! Our interest is making sure you’re safe, confident and happy on the roads!

Learn as much as you can

Speak to experienced drivers, read forums, ask your instructor questions; it all helps. 

The Learner Hub on Facebook is an ideal place to start!

learner hub group on facebook

Learn as much off the road as you do on the road.

Find out how the structure of your driving test will go and the possible routes you’ll be driving.

The more prepared you are for your test, the less likely your nerves will influence your behaviour.

Pick the right driving instructor

Some driving instructors in your local area may be fantastic teachers. But, it’s important you find an instructor who is not only highly-rated but also suitable to your learning style.

Depending on how you learn, could help you decide which instructor to go with.

It’s important that you enquire first about lesson plans and driving styles before you book your lessons.

If you spend a great deal of money and time with the wrong person, the likelihood is, you won’t enjoy it as much meaning you won’t learn the best way for you.

You can use the 'find a driving instructor' tool to make sure you find an approved instructor in your area.

Driving test nerves are natural

I’ve taught students that believe they are the only learner in the world who has ever panicked during their driving test.
It couldn’t be further from the truth!

Out of the millions of learners who take their tests every year, there will be a large majority who have suffered from nerves on some level. It’s natural and it’s expected.

Some say if you’re not nervous, you don’t care enough.

I recommend spending a few minutes controlling your breathing before you take your test.
Focus solely on how you’re feeling and don’t think about the future. The more you think about what might happen, the less you focus on what is happening.

Good luck and leave your advice in the comments section below!

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