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Is eating while driving illegal?

But is eating while driving illegal?

No – it is not illegal. However, driving without due caution is. Rule 148 of the Highway Code states motorists must: “avoid distractions when driving; such as loud music, trying to read maps, inserting a cassette or CD or tuning a radio, eating and drinking and smoking”.

Careless drivers can face a fixed penalty notice of £100 fine and 3 penalty points. 

Earlier this year Elsa Harris was fined £100 for peeling a banana in gridlock traffic in Dorset, and ex-premier league footballer Marlon King was jailed for causing a crash whilst eating an ice cream whilst driving in Nottinghamshire. When discussing eating while driving, the focus tends to be on the legalities rather than the risks involved. Not only can it lead to convictions, fines, points and higher insurance premiums, the consequences can affect the lives of yourself and those around you forever. 

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