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Frustrating Hazard Perception Test! - Diary of a Learner

When I first started revising for the Hazard Perception Test I was extremely frustrated. I kept getting low scores and I kept getting penalised for clicking too early!

How can I get low scores when I know exactly what a hazard is? How can you get penalised for spotting a hazard too early? In my next driving lesson I complained to my driving instructor. I explained that I kept getting low scores and how there must be something wrong with the apps. My driving instructor didn't seem too impressed. "Did you watch the introduction clips?" he asked. No, I didn't. "Did you read the instructions or use the help centre?" Nope. That's when I realised I'd been quite silly. I was assessing my performance of a test based on my own assessment criteria. How could I perform well in a test if I was measuring it against what I thought the test was about when I hadn't even bothered checking it?

I did as my driving instructor recommended and read through the instructions and watched the introduction clips. That's when I realised. I thought the hazard perception test was just about spotting a hazard as soon as possible. It was more than that. The hazard perception test is there to assess how well you can identify, assess and respond to a hazard. The reason I was clicking too early was because I was identifying things that were not hazards that I would need to respond to at that moment. If a car is doing a U-Turn 700 metres down the road it would be silly (and dangerous) to react immediately and slow down.

After reading the instructions and watching the introduction clips I went back and practised with more clips. Immediately my scores went up. They weren't perfect straight away but going from 0 out of 5 and 1 out of 5 to 3 and 4 out of 5 is great progress. Eventually with more practise I've been getting 5 out of 5 consistently. So, if you're struggling with hazard perception and you haven't read the instructions or watched the introduction clips you only have yourself to blame. It all makes sense when you take just 5 minutes to not rush in to your hazard perception revision.

I used the Hazard Perception App Vol 1 and 2 on my iPad to study on the go and the Hazard Perception PC Download to practise more clips.

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