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How To Deal With Reverse Parking

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When you first start learning the reverse parking manoeuvre it is advisable that you practise this between only one car to begin with. Once you get more controlled and confident you should be able to park between two cars. Avoid becoming a hazard to other road users by making good, effective all round observations (including blind spot checks), before and during the reverse parking manoeuvre. If you’re finding reverse parking a little tricky, try following our step by step guide below.

Reverse parking step by step guide

1. Using Mirror Signal Manoeuvre routine, pull up at your chosen place. Stop reasonably close and parallel to the parked car ahead, approximately half a metre away, and a metre forward. As you approach this first position, the use of the brake will show the brake lights, and alert others to your intentions. 2. Select reverse gear; this will show the reverse light also. If another vehicle comes too close behind, drive on and find another space. 3. When it is safe to continue, release brakes and, looking towards the rear left, move slowly and smoothly back, using clutch and brake control, until you can see the rear of the parked car in the middle of your left side rear door window. This means you have passed the rear of the car and it is safe start to move into the space. 4. The next move will bring the front of your car out into the path of other traffic, so check it’s safe before steering. Especially cyclists and pedestrians. 5. Steer left full lock as you move: the car will turn towards the kerb, at about 45 degrees, or two o’clock on the clock-face. Still moving slowly straighten up the wheels by taking off the left lock. 6. Then reverse into the space using enough right lock to bring the car parallel with the kerb, approximately gutter width away. (Be careful not to clip the rear of the forward car at this point.) 7. Take off right lock and adjust the position of your car, if required.  

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