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How To Deal With Turning Right - Major To Minor

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When turning right from a major to a minor road at a junction, it is essential that you use the MSPSL routine (Mirrors; Signal; Position; Speed; Look). Follow this step by step guide on how to safely deal with turning right at a junction.

1. MIRRORS when turning right – on approach to the junction check Mirrors early, take a good look in the rear view mirror, and to your right.

2. SIGNAL when turning right– your intention to turn, in good time.  If there is another side street before the one you intend to take, hold back on giving a signal too early so as not to confuse or mislead other road users.

3. POSITION when turning right – When waiting or approaching to make the turn, do not cross onto the other side of the centre line until you are certain you can enter the minor road safely. Whilst waiting, keep your vehicle and your wheels straight until you can proceed. If the new road is a single lane, position the front of your vehicle in line with the mid point of the new road, or the middle line. If this is a two lane road, adjust your position to prevent entering the wrong lane – unless the way is not clear, use the left hand of the two lanes. It is important that you do not turn too early and cut across the other lane, you might meet someone coming out of that lane, and cause a collision or incident.

4. SPEED when turning right – adjust your speed as necessary and approach at a safe speed, be prepared to stop.

5. LOOK when turning right – for oncoming vehicles and give them time to pass. Bicycles and motorcycles are harder to see, so you must look out for them. Thin once, think twice, think BIKE.

6. PEDESTRIANS when turning right – Give way to pedestrians crossing the minor road. They have priority. Those approaching the junction with their backs to you may not have seen you. Watch out for people wearing headphones, texting or using mobile phones, they can forget to look before crossing the road.

7. OBSTRUCTIONS when turning right – take care to check for obstructions or vehicles in the side street before you move in; these may cause you clearance difficulties. Be prepared to move over, or stop and let someone else out – this will make room for you to go in.

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