How to revise and prepare for the Driving Theory Test

How to prepare for your Theory Test

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Eager to start your Driving Theory Test practice but aren't sure where to start and what's free? We have the complete guide on how to revise online here.

Choosing the right Driving Theory Test practice and revision tool can sometimes prove a little tricky.

Do you go for a computer-based package or should you be revising from a book? 

You may even want to opt for an award-winning app, like our Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 App.

There is no right or wrong answer, but something to remember is that you will be taking the Official Driving Theory Test on a computer, so you may feel more confident that using your PC or laptop is the best way to prepare for the real thing.

We developed the Car Theory and Hazard Perception Revision Anytime Online Training to meet this need, allowing learners to not only revise for the Theory and Hazard Perception Test but to also practice and prepare for the Practical Driving Test.

Getting your Theory Test practice online

This product encompasses everything a learner driver may ever need with a choice of subscription lengths. And best of all, you can use your Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, Xbox One, PS4, Mac, Laptop or PC, allowing you to log in anytime, anywhere!

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And, with 95% of users passing the test using our online training, you can be confident you're getting the best tool to get you through!

Where to start with Driving Theory Test practice online

When beginning your Theory Test practice, it is essential that you revise the licensed DVSA revision questions, and read The Highway Code, all of which are included in our Car Theory and Hazard Perception Revision Anytime Online Training.

To ensure that you are fully prepared for the day of your test, we strongly advise that you begin with the Theory Test practice sessions, rather than jumping straight into the mock Theory Tests (but there’s nothing stopping you doing this if you want!).

Our online training will automatically keep track of your progress and will show you the questions or categories you may be struggling on - perfect for ironing out any problems you may have BEFORE you take your official DVSA test!

All our test questions are licensed from the DVSA official question and answers bank so you can be sure you're revising the very latest tests. 

Driving Theory Test online - practice your weakest questions

One of the great features that you’ll find in the Theory Test element of our online training is the ‘Weakest Questions‘ tool. 

This feature allows you to revise the Theory Test practice questions that you haven’t yet seen or have previously answered incorrectly.

We strongly advise you to make good use of this feature to ensure that you’re not constantly revising from the DVSA questions you already know, but are instead concentrating on the ones that need more attention.

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Theory Test Practice - Hints and Tips

Unless you’re super-human it’s impossible to remember every answer from the entire licensed DVSA database containing over 700 questions! 

We strongly advise you to make good use of the latest DVSA explanations to help you understand the Theory Test questions and answers.

By reading a little background information on each of the questions you’ll be amazed at how quickly your scores start to improve.

Theory Test practice mock tests

It is essential that you sit plenty of mock exams to ensure that you are achieving a consistent pass rate BEFORE you apply for your Theory Test; otherwise you are simply throwing your test fee down the drain!

Mock Theory Test made easy

All our online training has been carefully developed to allow you to practise an unlimited number of mock Theory Tests, all of which are as close to the real test as you can get (all questions are licensed from the DVSA; the people who set the test).

How to pass a mock Theory Test

When completing a mock Theory Test you’ll be asked a total of 50 questions and have 57 minutes to complete the test in (just like the real test).

Once you begin the mock Theory Test, read the question at least twice to make sure that you have fully understood the question.

All questions require just ONE answer.

You're given 57 minutes to pass the test, so make good use of all the time.

If you are unsure of any of the questions during the mock Theory Test, click on the ‘flag’ button. This will allow you to quickly return back to the question at the end of the test before you submit your answers.

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Review your answers at the end of each mock Theory Test

At the end of each mock test, we strongly advise that you review your answers, as this will allow you to see where you went wrong.

You will also have the option to read the latest DVSA explanations for each of the questions.

Again we recommend you make good use of these, as they will help you to learn and understand the background behind each of the questions.

Preparing for your test using the mock Theory Test feature

In order to better prepare you for the official DVSA Theory Test, we would strongly advise you to:

  • Study the learning material included in our online training including a digital version of The Highway Code, the question bank, and the guide to each of the DVSA categories.
  • Complete a range of learning sessions from each of the categories.
  • Complete a range of learning sessions based on a mix of all categories.
  • Once you are happy that you are scoring 18, 19, or 20 out of 20 in the learning mode…
  • Complete some mock Theory Test online sessions using the set exam papers (if you complete all the pre-set papers then you will have seen all of the questions at least once).
  • Once you are scoring a consistent pass with the set exam papers then try a test based on the hardest questions. If you are able to pass the test with the hardest questions, then you are almost certainly going to cope easily with the official DVSA test.
  • Practise using over 700 high-quality interactive Hazard Perception Test video clips (including the 34 DVSA CGI clips) covering a variety of road conditions before sitting Hazard Perception mock tests.
  • Complete unlimited Hazard Perception mock tests and monitor your progress.

Our online training also comes with unique features to prepare you for your Practical Driving Test!

  • You can watch over 35 video tutorials covering all the essential manoeuvres and routines that learner drivers may be tested on in their exam, including parallel parking, reverse bay parking and rejoining traffic.
  • New video tutorials covering the Show Me, Tell Me section of the Practical Driving Test, giving you all the preparation you need to be able to pass this part with ease.

Our online training solution is the complete and unique package, allowing you to log in from multiple devices and pick up where you left off; offering you full flexibility to revise anytime, anywhere!

For more information, and to start your online revision today, click on the image below.

Good luck with your revision!

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