The Learner Driver’s Guide To Dealing With Inconsiderate Drivers

The Learner Driver’s Guide To Dealing With Inconsiderate Drivers

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Inconsiderate drivers are a cause for concern for experienced drivers but for many learner drivers is a source of anxiety and stress. This guide will help you handle even the most inconsiderate of fellow drivers.

As a learner driver there will be moments where you make mistakes and it is important to always remember that no matter how unforgiving other road users are, they started out just like you. When you do make a mistake and a driver is particularly hostile about it then it is best to ignore their behaviour and focus on what you are doing at that precise time and how you can ensure maximum levels of safety for you and other drivers.

Under certain situations, you may find yourself close to freezing up or reacting angrily to the behaviour of other drivers. In these circumstances you should do these three things:

  1. Let your driving instructor know that you need to take a short break
  2. Focus on the instructions that your driving instructor gives you
  3. Once in a safe place with your instructor discuss what made you feel that way and what you can do to protect yourself the next time

Communicate. Follow. Learn. Under no circumstances will an inconsiderate driver learn the error of their ways by somebody shouting abuse. This will often escalate a situation putting you, other drivers and pedestrians in potential danger.

The most important rule to follow, when encountering inconsiderate drivers is to listen to your driving instructor. They will guide you through a stressful situation and it is them, not anybody else that can help you become a better driver.

Do not be scared to tell your driving instructor if you are struggling to cope in any situation. It benefits them if they know which situations you struggle with and they know above anything, safety is paramount.

Remember. Safety first. Keep calm. Communicate with your driving instructor. That is the key to handling even the most inconsiderate of drivers.

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