The PCV & LGV Theory Test Part 1a explained

The LGV and PCV Theory Test (Part 1a) guide

LGV Theory Test part 1

What do you need to know about the PCV and LGV Theory Test Part 1a to ensure you pass the first time? Read on to find out...


The PCV and LGV Theory Test

To obtain a valid lorry or bus (LGV, HGV or PCV) licence you must pass the Theory Test and Practical Test.

The Theory Test is made up of two parts:

Both parts are taken on a computer at an approved DVSA testing centre. 

Both tests can be taken at different times but they must be passed within 24 months of each other to acquire a pass.

Part 1a – Multiple choice test:

Before the PCV / LGV Part 1a Theory Test begins you will be told exactly how it works, and you can also choose to go through a practice session so you know what to expect.

At the end of this session, the real test will begin.

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During the test, a question will appear on-screen along with several possible answers. You must select the correct answer by touching the screen or using the mouse.

Some questions require more than one answer but this will be clearly stated so it’s important to read the question properly.

You will be asked 100 questions in 115 minutes. If you’re unsure of an answer to a question, you can ‘flag’ it and come back to it.

The pass mark for this section of the test is 85 out of 100.


Part 1b– PCV, HGV and LGV Hazard Perception Test

To read more information about the second part of the Theory Test, visit our dedicated Hazard Perception Test page where we provide a detailed explanation of this part of the test.

At the end of the test

When you have finished the test you may leave the examination room. Once you have left the room, you can not re-enter.

You will then be given your result letter by a member of the test centre staff. The letter tells you if you have passed or failed, and gives you feedback on your test.

You will be told in which topics you answered questions incorrectly, so if you haven’t passed you know which sections you need to revise more thoroughly for the next time.

If you pass

You will receive a “pass letter” detailing the results of your test.

When you have passed both the theory and Hazard Perception parts of the test, you will receive your Theory Test certificate which includes a reference number. You will need to quote this number when you book your Practical Test.

Your Theory Test certificate is valid for two years from the date you passed the first part of the test – the multiple-choice test.

If you do not take your Practical Test within this two year period you will have to take another Theory Test.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you fail

If you fail you should look at the feedback on the letter you have been given and find out the reason you failed. You can then make sure you revise your weakest section/s or topic areas on the test.

If you want to book another Theory Test you can book it straight away, but you cannot take it for another three clear working days. So, if you failed your first test on a Monday afternoon, you will have to wait until Friday morning before you can try again.

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LGV Theory Test Revision

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LGV Theory Test revision

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