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Lockdown Theory Test Guide 2021

Lockdown Theory Test Guide 2021

With the ever changing tier restrictions and the uncertanty of tests being postponed and cancelled, many learners have asked us, is it even worth revising for the Theory Test despite test centres closing? Well the answer to this is most definitely YES!

So how do you revise during lockdown? 

The good news is that we’re here to lend an arm of support - we’ve put this Lockdown Guide together to help you throughout this uncertain time, and maximise on your revision to ace your Theory Test. Here are a few tips to help you throughout this transitionary period.

Get to grips with your app

We are currently only a few days into lockdown. If you had an upcoming test cancelled, this means you should’ve already started to revise, so the knowledge you had learned should still be there. It’s crucial you don’t take your foot off the gas now (pardon the pun), frequent and consistent revision will ultimately be the reason you either pass or fail. So we recommend you brush up on your knowledge and stay on top of the learning by fully getting to grips with your 4 in 1 app. Make sure you’re frequently perusing through the Theory Test, Hazard Perception, Highway Code and Road Signs sections, to ensure you’re covering all bases and testing yourself across all elements.

Reach your goals

We’ve recently updated our app and added a new premium feature, Pass Guarantee, which if completed will ensure you a first time pass. Within Pass Guarantee there is a structured and thorough Learner Plan which has been put together to serve as a revision blueprint to passing your Theory Test. During lockdown, this Learner Plan will be your best friend, make sure you’re frequently checking in to complete the goals in the plan and challenging yourself further by taking Theory Test and Hazard perception mock tests.  As they say, failure to prepare is preparing to fail - so keep hitting your goals and you will achieve a Guaranteed Pass. 

Already got the 4 in 1 app? Register your Pass Guarantee here.

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Take it easy

Take this next tip with a pinch of salt. As with anything, you only get out what you put in so if you want to pass your Theory Test, you will have to revise consistently for it. But there is a thing called over-studying and cramming, which can actually be less beneficial for you. So our tip is to take it easy (sometimes) - don’t spend hours during lockdown glued to your screen, break up your revision. Start a new series on Netflix, get some fresh air in the garden, enjoy some quality family time. The aim here is not to clog your brain but instead, drip feed it information in small broken down chunks. You can also make revision more fun for yourself... If you’re a visual or activities based learner, utilise other elements of our app - such the various quizzes and games.

Visualise your Theory Test pass

Visualisation techniques have been successfully used by people in all walks of life for hundreds of years. Psychologists believe that visualising your goals on a daily basis can rapidly accelerate your achievements and allow you to conquer your goals. In this case, we want you to visualise yourself passing your Theory Test, this will subconsciously kick your brain into gear by:

  1. Generating creative ideas to help you pass - for example creating flash cards, revision notes, or playing out test scenarios in your head etc.
  2. Boost your motivation - this will help you take the necessary steps to ACTUALLY achieving your goal (signing up for Pass Guarantee and hitting all your Learner Plan goals etc).


Don’t forget your Practical!

With the Theory Test being information based, this is fairly simple to revise for - especially with plenty of time on your hands now. But for the Practical Test however, traditional ‘practise’ just got a lot harder, with the Government putting into place restrictions on non-essential driving. So what do you do when you want to boost your Practical Test knowledge during lockdown? Well, if you head over to your 4 in 1 app then you'll see that we have recently added in a brand new section that is dedicated to helping you prepare for your Practical Driving Test. You'll be able to try a selection of the videos out for free and if you like what you see, then you can upgrade to the full version via the In App Purchase for just £4.99.

Supplement your revision 

This is one of the most important parts, not only does supplementing your revision provide you with helpful additional resources, it also allows you to take your mind off your test - letting the knowledge to properly sink in. Starting with Facebook, we have a fantastic community of over 10k learners who are in exactly the same boat as you. Learner Hub is a safe and private group where you can share ideas, exchange tips and just engage in friendly conversation with each other. In fact, we’re currently running a 21 Day Theory Challenge aimed at helping you maximise your studying during lockdown.  

Be sure to check this out, as well as our website blog - here we frequently provide you with best practise knowledge to help you throughout your learning process. 

Do you have any ideas which we haven’t covered? Get in touch and let us know! 


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