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Manoeuvres - Diary of a Learner

Cars parked on supermarket car park

So far I've done the 3 point turn in the road, reverse around a corner and parallel parking manoeuvres. I'm most confident with doing a 3 point turn so here's hoping that's the manoeuvre I'll be expected in the test. My instructor told me that it would be silly to look at it like this as at the end of the day even after passing the test, I'd still have to know all the relevant manoeuvres properly for day to day driving! I got to the point now where I'm not too concerned with practising any of these manoeuvres and so my driving instructor decided it was time to start learning reverse bay parking. It turns out it's a lot easier than it looks. Simply reverse slowly to the 3rd spot from where you want to park and once you get to that point turn the wheel around completely, continuing to reverse slowly entering the space you intended to go. Once you're lined up with the cars in front of you then you straighten your wheels and you're done. It's not so easy though when doing this in a car park where the lines in front aren't parallel to the lines you're parking in to.   If you need more help or want to read up more on reverse bay parking go to

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