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My Driving Pal App now launched

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Created for UK car owners, the My Driving Pal App is designed to be the essential companion to keep drivers and their vehicles organised, all while staying within the law.

You know how much effort and money it took to finally pass your Driving Test and buy your car to gain the freedom and independence you’re now enjoying. It’s worth protecting that right? 

Here at Driving Test Success, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to analyse the most common topics that new drivers require information about, and provide help and advice in one place. 

Our results led us to develop your new co-driver; My Driving Pal

Download on iOS or Android for FREE - just click on the image below!

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My Driving Pal App– know your penalty points

One surprising fact that many new drivers don’t realise is that if you get 6 or more penalty points within the first two years of passing your test, your licence will be automatically revoked.

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If you want your driving licence back, you’d have to buy a new provisional licence, put those L plates back on your car, and only drive when supervised.

That’s not all though, you’d also have to pass both the theory and practical tests again to get your full licence.

The penalty points you’ve earned would also stay on your licence for at least 4 years from either the date of conviction or the date the offence took place.

To help drivers understand the severity of certain actions, My Driving Pal features a section outlining what penalty points are associated with offences.

We’ve even created a ‘Don’t lose your licence’ quiz to test your knowledge further.

My Driving Pal App– organise your vehicle documents

Staying on top of paperwork and keeping documents safe isn’t that easy, so a key feature in the app is the electronic storage of all your car documents. 

Within this feature, you can save all the important information about you and your vehicle, including your insurance provider and policy details.

The app also has information about how to choose the right insurance, how to stay within the law, and what sorts of cover you can get.

You can even set reminders for insurance renewal, MOT, tax and servicing.

My Driving Pal saving documents

My Driving Pal App– advice centre

Being a new car owner can seem daunting. Not only are you without the reassurance of your driving instructor, but you’re also probably getting used to a new vehicle and driving on roads you’ve never been on before. 

Every new driver has some concerns on their first solo drive which is why we’ve included a fully searchable advice centre (with English voiceover) that covers everything from tyre safety, motorway driving, filling up with fuel, how to drive in bad weather or night-time driving, what to do if you have a breakdown, and much more.

One very helpful section is the MOT checklist feature. Intended to save you time and money, you’ll be taken through a pre-MOT guide to help reduce the chances your car will fail when it's at the garage.

My Driving Pal advice centre

My Driving Pal App – your friend in a road collision

We all hope we don’t have a road collision, but they can happen and it’s incredibly important you know what you should do next as you probably won’t be thinking that clearly.

My Driving Pal will guide you through the immediate and vital steps you need to take as well as the information you need to collect.

You can even take photos at the scene and store them safely within the app, keeping all the information together in one place.

What's even better is that the app is available on both iOS and Android for FREE - what's not to love about that!?

My Driving Pal App

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