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New Theory Test Changes - September 2020

New Theory Test Changes - September 2020

LATEST UPDATE: The planned changes to the car Theory Test were rolled out in test centres on Monday 28 September 2020.  All our training materials including the Driving Test Success 4 in 1 app and Driving Test Success Anytime Online Training  have been fully updated with the latest revision materials to help you prepare for the new style test. 

The DVSA announced back in February that the format of the Theory Test was set to change on the 14th April 2020. But whilst preparation was under way to get the new style test rolled out across test centres, the nation was struck by the rapid outbreak of COVID-19. This has resulted in the DVSA announcing the temporary closure of all Theory Test centres.  More information on the re-opening of Theory Test centres can be found here. We know what you’re thinking - so what does this mean for the Theory Test changes and how will it affect me? Well let’s begin by going over what these changes actually are. 

What are the changes?

In the current test format for learner car drivers, you are given 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. You must score a minimum of 43 to pass this part of the test. After the multiple-choice questions, you will be asked to complete the Hazard Perception Test, which contains 14 video interactive clips. To pass the Hazard Perception Test, you will need to achieve a minimum of 45 points out of a maximum of 75. You must pass BOTH parts of the test.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the only part of the test that will be changing is the written case study scenario (the one that forms part of your multiple choice Theory Test). Currently, learner drivers have to read this and correctly answer five multiple choice questions based around this scenario (found at the end of the multiple choice Theory Test). 

However, with the new style test, rather than reading the case study scenario, you will be required to watch a short 30 second silent video clip. You will then be asked three multiple choice questions based on what you have just seen (the video can be watched as many times as you like). 

Once you have watched the case study video and answered the three multiple choice questions, you will then move on to the Hazard Perception (as with the current test). The good news is that the scoring and pass mark will NOT change once the new test comes into effect.

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Will these changes be rolled across all vehicle categories?

To begin with, the new style test will ONLY be for learner car drivers across England, Scotland and Wales. Other vehicle categories will NOT be affected for now (including motorcycle, lorry, bus and Approved Driving Instructors).

Why has the Theory Test been updated?

These changes have been implemented to make the Theory Test much more accessible for people with reading difficulties (such as dyslexia), learning disabilities and development conditions (such as autism). 

How will the new style Theory Test look?

The video you’ll be presented with will be silent and cover a variety of road conditions and settings - for example, driving through a suburb, town centre or country road. 

Below is an example video provided by the DVSA. 

 In this instance, you might be asked the following questions:

  1. Why are motorcyclists considered vulnerable road users?
  2. Why should the driver, on the side road, look out for motorcyclists at junctions?
  3. In this clip, who can cross the chevrons to overtake other vehicles, when it’s safe to do so?

For each of these questions, you’ll be presented with four possible answers. And the screen will look something like this:
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the DVSA has been delayed in rolling out the new case study revision materials. However, we are working closely with the DVSA to ensure that as soon as they become available, they will be added to our Driving Theory 4 in 1 app and available as a free update.

Preparing for your Theory Test

You’ll be pleased to hear that the upcoming changes to the Theory Test are nothing to be afraid of and all your hard work has not been in vain! 

Use your time wisely whilst the test centres are closed. You must continue revising using all the revision materials included in the Driving Theory 4 in 1 app (Theory Test, Hazard Perception, Road Signs and Highway Code). These are all completely up to date and remain essential preparation for the  Driving Theory Test.

And don’t forget to activate the Pass Guarantee within the app which will give you unlimited access to the structured learner plan. This plan will guide you step by step through everything you need to get yourself test ready and fully prepared for when the test centres are back open. Plus you’ll have the added reassurance that if you do go on to fail your Theory Test after using our app, then we’ll refund you your test fee (T&Cs apply), so what have you got to lose! 

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