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Pre First Lesson Nerves and Preparation - Diary of a Learner

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My first lesson is in a few hours and as well as being really excited, I am also extremely nervous. I thought it would be a good idea to share what I am doing and have already done to prepare for my lesson and keep nerves at bay. I also want to address the worries that are currently running through my mind.

There have been moments when I wanted to cancel my lesson as I have been letting my nerves take over but I know once I have had my first lesson, these initial nerves and fears will have disappeared. I put myself on a caffeine ban all day yesterday and today, and have instead just been drinking water. I have done this as caffeine makes nerves worse and because I do not want to end up in a post-caffeine slump during my lesson. I think it is really important to keep hydrated especially as I want to remember as much information from the lesson as I can. I have been eating well and as my lesson is this afternoon I made sure to eat breakfast this morning as I had lessons at sixth form this morning to get through. I think a banana will be a great pre lesson snack as it releases energy slowly.

Last night I found my provisional licence from a pile of work on my desk. It’s important that you have both parts of your driving licence for your first lesson so that your instructor can make a note of the information on them. If you wear glasses it is a good idea to put them somewhere safe in advance. I rarely wear mine but I am going to take them with me to wear in case my standard of vision without them is not good enough. Last night I also watched a couple of videos from The Complete Learner Driver Suite which has proven to be really helpful. I watched the Knowing Your Vehicle video as well as the videos about the Cockpit Drill and Basic Routines. Although I did not pay too much attention to exactly how to do things, I feel like I have a bit more knowledge now that will hopefully come in handy when I am trying to master these things.

I have spoken to a couple of my friends, some of whom have passed and some that are still learning, and they have all said that they were nervous for their first lesson so I think this is completely normal and something that everyone experiences. Obviously I do not think anyone wants to crash, and although I highly doubt this would ever happen, I am worried that I will damage the car Ior cause damage to another vehicle on the road. Something that I think most people worry about is their instructor. I have only seen great reviews about the instructor I have gone with however, it always crosses your mind that they may not be as nice as people have said. I keep thinking that it will be really awkward being in the car with someone I do not know, especially if there is no conversation but at the end of the day it is his job so hopefully this will not happen.

I am nervous that I will not be able to get to grips with the controls of the car. The gear stick is something that I have never understood no matter how many people have tried to explain it to me. Whenever I am in the car with someone I try and watch what they are doing with the gear stick and when they are doing it but I really don’t understand how people know when to use it and the whole “you have to listen to the car” talk really doesn’t explain things. I know that you go up a gear as you increase speed but other than that I am clueless. The pedals are something that I have never given a second thought to before. However as my lesson has been approaching, I have been watching what people have been doing with their feet and it all seems a bit confusing. As a short person I have the inevitable worry of ‘what if I can’t reach the pedals or see out of the windscreen?’ I’m pretty sure I will be able to but it is definitely something that has crossed my mind. My friend has a classic mini and when I was in it the other day, I noticed that the windscreen is extremely high compared to how low the seats are. I am sure cars aren’t like that anymore but as I am learning in a mini this is something that I am slightly apprehensive about.

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