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Prepare for your Practical Driving Test Anytime, Anywhere!

Preparing for the Practical Driving Test can be seen as arguably the most difficult part of a learner driver’s journey. A perfect mix of calmness, awareness and vehicle control must be displayed during your test. It’s already challenging enough as it is, let alone with the uncertainty added by the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

As we know from the recent announcement, Practical Driving Tests were postponed a minimum of 3 months in a bid to fight the spread of the virus. With the nation going into lockdown, this has also put a stop to formal driving lessons, and the government has restricted driving of any kind unless it’s for key workers or absolutely necessary. 

So as a learner driver, you are now in limbo - without the ability to practise either privately or  with an instructor. It’s easy to get sidetracked and discouraged during this difficult time but we’ve got the perfect solution to help you keep on track for your Practical Driving Test. 

Revise anytime, anywhere with Driving Test Success Anytime

Driving Test Success Anytime is an online training platform, where through purchasing different subscriptions, you can prepare for your official UK Driving Theory Test and Practical Driving Test. In fact, learners who use Driving Test Success Anytime are 3 times more likely to pass their Theory Test first time. Using the platform, you can access your subscriptions, learning materials and progress with incredible ease - from your computer or mobile device, right up to your Xbox One, PS4 or Smart TV. Through our online training platform, you can really prepare for your tests anytime, anywhere. 

Introducing Car Practical Driving Lessons Online Revision

Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to pass your driving test, covering everything from the cockpit drill to the day of your test. With over 35 video tutorials, you can revise and refresh the essential skills taught to you by your Approved Driving Instructor before and after lessons. Plus this is perfect for you to keep up with your progress during lockdown! 

These tutorials not only cover the key practical driving teachings, but also all the routines and manoeuvres you’ll be assessed on during your real test. You will be guided step by step and cover everything from the initial cockpit drill, right up to your test day preparations. 

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Revision materials 

  • DVSA Show Me, Tell Me Questions - the expert answers you receive will allow you to ace the Show Me, Tell Me section of your Practical Driving Test. You will be guided through all the possible questions and answers for the ‘tell me’ portion, as well as shown instructional demonstrations for the ‘show me’ section too. 
  • Cockpit drill and routines - the cockpit drill is a sequence of mandatory checks you must complete before driving off, mainly covering vehicle safety and comfort. Within your video catalogue, you’ll be taken through everything from fastening your seatbelt, adjusting mirrors and ensuring passenger safety. Other routines covered will include LADA, MSM, POM and MSPSL. 
  • Coverage of all manoeuvres - this is a major area of concern for most learner drivers. So why not get the edge and be fully prepared? You will be thoroughly guided through all the manoeuvres you might face on test day. The video tutorials will have in-depth coverage of Reverse bay parking, Forward park into a bay and reverse out, Emergency stop, Reverse parking, Reverse to the left and right, and Turning in the road.
  • Essentials driving tutorials - as well as all the above, you will also have access to essential driving teachings and tutorials to supplement your knowledge. Content here will cover how to navigate roundabouts and busy junctions, overtake safely, changing gears and many more. 

Don’t leave your Practical Driving Test to chance, get ahead of the game today and start revising anytime, anywhere. 

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