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The Right Shoes for Driving

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Getting your shoes for driving right might not seem that important at first, but once you start driving, you'll soon realise just how important they are!

If you've started driving you'll know how important it is that your shoes for driving allow you to 'feel' the car pedals, and more importantly, know that your feet won't slip off them. 

You'll also be aware of knowing how important it is to be able to 'feel' the 'bite' with your clutch if you're driving a manual car.

Here's our rundown of what shoes for driving may cause you problems:

  • Shoes with thick or wide soles mean you may not be able to feel the pedals beneath your feet and may press the accelerator and brake at the same time. The soles shouldn't be thicker than 10mm. 
  • Shoes with high heels may become caught in the mat or carpet beneath your feet, delaying the speed at which you brake.
  • Shoes with slippery soles may cause your foot to slip off the brake when you need to apply pressure and mean you fail to brake, or brake too late.
  • Bare or stockinged feet can be slippery, plus you may not be able to apply enough pressure to the brake and end up in a collision. This is also not practical: your feet have no protection in the event of an accident, and you may have to step over or around broken glass.


Sensible shoes for driving

For these reasons, you must choose your footwear accordingly.

It’s important that your foot can feel and apply the necessary pressure required to brake or accelerate.

The soles of your shoes mustn’t be too thick, thin, rigid, flexible or slippery.

They should also not hamper foot or ankle movement.

The “right” choice may not always be the choice you would prefer in terms of fashion. In this case, simply wear your “sensible” shoes whilst driving, and change into your footwear of choice before exiting the vehicle. It’s a small price to pay for your safety and that of others.

Is it illegal to wear flip-flops or go barefoot?

It's not technically illegal to drive without any shoes on, or if you wear flip flops or high heels.

BUT,  the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) says you have to be able to operate the controls safely.

This means that IF you caused a road traffic accident because you couldn't operate the brakes properly because of your footwear, then you are liable and your actions would be seen as illegal.

Our message is to find the right shoes and don't land yourself in a lot of trouble!!

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