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Road Works On A Motorway

M275 to Portsmouth

Everything that happens on the motorway is big and fast. And when they want to do some work on them, it can be a big inconvenience to all road users. If you know of some road works that can delay your journey, allow plenty of time, and make sure you are not going to run out of fuel. 

Preparation is the key to motorway driving.

Road works have to be carefully planned and executed as the lives of the road users and the workmen, are at risk. There are plenty of signs alerting drivers to the road works ahead, cones, lights, yellow signs with plans of any lane changes, speed restrictions or contraflows ahead.

Whatever the signs tell you to do, obey them. Make sure you know in advance what motorway signs actually mean. If you know of major road works on the motorway you are about to use, then allow more time, listen to the traffic reports, travel at another time or date, take a different route, there is always something you can do to alleviate any problems due to the road works.

However, if you simply must go now, today, that route, then be patient, don’t take your frustration out onto the road, stay calm and stay safe.

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