Speed Limits Everywhere! - Diary of a Learner | Driving Test Success

Speed Limits Everywhere! - Diary of a Learner

40mph speed limit sign

I never thought one of the biggest issues I'd have with driving is the seemingly endless and consistently inconsistent speed limit areas for driving. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a boy racer or interested in going as fast as possible but I find I'm having to pay a lot of attention to whether I'm going fast enough, slow enough and where speed limit signs may be. In one particular long stretch I went from 30mph to national speed limit back to the speed limit and then to 40mph and finally a 20mph zone before approaching yet another roundabout. My difficulty with speed limits isn't because I want to go as fast as possible, break the law or go too fast. Not at all. I want to be travelling at the correct distance to ensure a flow of traffic. Going too slow in an area can be just as dangerous by people over taking you or having to go slower themselves. As well as keeping my eye on the road ahead, keeping an eye on my mirrors, checking road signs and maintaining the right physical actions I also have to keep an eye out on speed limit signs and my speedometer. I'm not too sure what to think of this. Maybe seemingly endless speed limit changes is now a part of modern driving and should just be accepted. Having spoken to different people opinions appear to be split. As a continuing learner my perspective is that whilst speed limits as a generality are required, there are too many in such short distances, potentially creating as many problems as solving. It will be interesting to see what my perspective will be once I'm a more experienced driver!

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