Thinking of Cancelling Your Driving Lessons? 

Thinking of Cancelling Your Driving Lessons? 

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You've had a busy day at college, its dark and cold outside, and you've got a driving lesson booked for in 20 minutes. The temptation to cancel may be strong, but if its your goal to pass your driving test this side of Christmas, maybe you should think twice before cancelling driving lessons this year!

Test waiting times have reached 4 months in some areas and to account for this your instructor will likely have a set learning plan in place for you to pass the test you've booked. If you cancel or fail to turn up for crucial lessons you will fall behind and end up under prepared on the date of your driving test (and a resit is £62 + the price of your lessons leading up to and on the day – ouch!).

Something to bear in mind particularly with weekend lessons is that drinking alcohol the night before your lesson could have an effect. Alcohol stays in your system for longer than you probably realise, and if you drink 3 glasses of wine at 11pm on a Friday night, you won’t be fit to take your driving lesson at 9am on Saturday morning – so plan your evenings wisely! If you absolutely have to cancel your lesson; give your instructor plenty of warning, and be aware of the knock on effect missing lessons could have on your overall learning.

Remember – it’s only one hour towards a successful 2018 pass!

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