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Turn In The Road

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How to deal with a turn in the road

The secret to a successful turn in the road manoeuvre is to keep the car moving very slowly, but steering very briskly. Ideally you should find a quite side road where you can practise to turn the car around to face the other way, using forward and reverse gears.

How to safely complete a turn in the road manoeuvre

1. Firstly you need to find a suitable place in a quiet road away from parked cars and obstructions like trees or lampposts. When completing the turn in the road always be aware for hidden dangers like very high kerbstones.

2. Take note of the gradient or camber in the road when you turn in the road, as these will affect car control.

3. Before you leave the kerb and start the turn in the road manoeuvre, check all mirrors and your blind spot. If there are any road users nearby, wait for them to move away. Repeat observations and blind spot check.

4. In first gear, using clutch and brake control, keep the car slow and the steering brisk; turn your wheel full right lock and move smoothly towards the opposite kerb. Just before you reach the kerb (about a metre away), steer to the left and stop before the kerb without hitting, striking or mounting the kerb. Use your handbrake if needed.

5. For the next stage of the turn in the road manoeuvre you will need to select reverse gear, get bite point, and check all around the vehicle, especially to left and right, for any approaching vehicles. If clear, and looking behind your car reverse towards the rear kerb, steering full left lock. About 1 meter away from the kerb, still looking behind you need to steer quickly to the right. Stop at the kerb.

6. The final stage of the turn in the road manoeuvre is to select first gear and after checking all around, if your way is clear and no vehicles are approaching you can move across the road, steering to the right. Check your mirrors again, and move off or park as required.

7. If any vehicles are approaching whilst you are completing the turn in the road manoeuvre, you must give them priority. You will find that some vehicles may stop and wait, others will drive on. If they wait, take a deep breath, continue, and remember, they have all been where you are now, so don’t panic. 8. Finally, if the road is very narrow, or your vehicle is long, then you may need to complete more turns in the road (5, 7 or even 9). On your practical driving test, your examiner will expect you to do it in as few turns as possible.

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