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What Doctors say you should never do while driving…

Driving distracted goes without saying as a big no no behind the wheel, but medical experts have revealed common mistakes many of us make on a daily basis that could be serious. 

Here is the list of innocent habits we do as drivers and passengers, that Doctors have claimed they’d never do when travelling in a car:

Kicking back on the dashboard.

This one is for all you passenger princesses. You should never ever put your feet up on the car's dashboard as in the event of a collision, you would face serious orthopaedic injury to your lower extremities. 

Injuries could include broken bones or dislocations which could require amputations or loss of limbs depending on the severity of the collision. These injuries would be life-changing, so please do not be tempted to do it! 

Airbags are there to prevent injury but they deploy very quickly and can cause fatal injury if you are too close or if you come in direct contact with it. Airbags are there to protect the upper section of your body, meaning if you have your legs up, where they shouldn’t usually be, your legs could be pushed back by the force of the bag. 

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Rethink your hair accessory!

New trends across the UK have been the reintroduction of the claw clip, but Doctors have deemed the accessory to be dangerous if worn at the time of an accident. 

Claw clips worn at the back of your head can be a risk to your scalp and could be to blame for brain injury if the object became embedded into the back of your head. 

But the skull is very thick, so fatality from the clip is very unlikely. 

If you, like many, prefer travelling with your hair out of the way, scrunchies and hair ties are much more recommended! 

Keep your furry friends in the back. 

Not only will it land you with a fine and potential penalty points, but letting your pets roam around in the car is incredibly dangerous. 

Airbags and other measures that are in place to keep humans safe in the case of an accident do not protect pets, so the front seat, passengers seat or driver's lap are not safe places for them.

Pets can be squirmy, fidgety and can make sudden noises that can be a huge distraction to the driver. 

Keep them in the back, securely fastened. Click here to see the Highway Code for driving with pets.

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