Why I Chose My Driving Instructor- Evie's Story

Why I Chose My Driving Instructor - Evie

How Evie chose a driving instructor

When choosing my driving instructor I had no idea where to start. I was a ‘late driver’ and didn’t start learning until I was 19. Here's my story...

I also live in a different area to where I went to school so I didn’t learn with the same instructor as my school friends. I remember being at one of my best friends houses and her brother was learning. He got picked up from their house by his instructor, he recommended him and I took down the number, dropped the instructor a text and we organised a time for me to have my first lesson.

Feeling Comfortable

The most important thing about picking an instructor is finding someone you feel comfortable with. I quickly realised I would get on with my instructor as he was very patient, chilled out and he made me laugh. If I did something wrong we’d laugh it off rather than make me feel bad. It’s important to feel relaxed with someone when you’re doing something that can be quite stressful. Often, it’s not driving the car that’s stressful it’s being on the road with other drivers. It’s important to be in that situation with someone who keeps you calm and safe.


Obviously, a huge part of picking an instructor is the price. You don’t want to be forking out ££££, as you’re probably going to be in a similar position to me, a uni student with only a part-time job and a hefty student loan looming over me. My instructor was £20 an hour, which is actually lower than average, most tend to be between £25-£30 an hour.

Although most do provide some offers; if you buy them in blocks, it’s all about shopping around to find a good price but also a good instructor. There’s no point just going with the cheapest if you don’t find you learn well with them; all of these factors need considering.

Pass Rate

Another thing to look out for is the pass rate of the instructors, again mine had a very high percentage of first-time passes which indicates that they are a good instructor and know what they’re doing! I would recommend having a taster lesson, even if it’s just an hour, you’ll be able to tell if you’re going to get on with them or not. And then you can make a decision if you want to pursue them as your instructor. I’m lucky in that I found me and my instructor got on really well straight away but it’s ok if you don’t. Don’t feel like you should stay with someone just because someone you know had them and passed. If you don’t ‘click’ or like their teaching style, try someone else until you find someone you’re comfortable and relaxed with.

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