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The winter break down kit!

Breaking down in the winter months isn’t an unusual thing, and we think it is always best to be prepared for anything. You might not think you need a breakdown kit in your car, but it takes little effort to put one together. 

Fingers crossed you never need to use it, but if you do, trust us, you will be thankful!

Here is what you need:

  • Warm clothes and blankets.
    Imagine you’ve just nipped out in your PJs and you break down! You're going to be very cold waiting for help to arrive. Having spare clothes and a coat in your car will be a godsend for this scenario. If you are going on a long journey and have passengers, mention to them to bring a coat. 
  • High-vis and a torch.
    If you need to leave your vehicle at any point then you ideally need to be wearing high-vis clothing. It is much safer as you can be seen by other motorists. Having a torch can massively help too. 
  • Ice scraper.
    If you don’t keep your scraper in your car, because it’s in your porch or the garage, now is the time to move it into your car. If you break down and are stationary for a long period of time, your windscreen may ice over and you’ll need to deice your car before moving off again. 
  • Reflective warning signs.
    You will need two and they commonly come in the form of a triangle. If you break down, put them 45 meters away from the car, one in front and one and the back. You don’t however need to use these on a motorway. 
  • Jump start cables.
    Not an easy one to have, but for older cars especially, batteries are more prone to dying during the cold seasons. Having jump cables accessible will allow you to restart your car with the help of another motorist. 
  • First aid kit.
    This one is practical all year round not just winter time.
  • Food and drink.
    You never know how long you’ll be broken down for, nor your circumstances for when you do. Your experience could be even worse if you haven’t eaten or are thirsty so leave some bottled water and snacks in your car. It is best to be prepared for the unexpected. 

    The cold weather does impact the running of your car so always bear this in mind. If you don’t plan on driving for a couple of days, take it for a spin around the block to keep your battery charged. 

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