Your Instructor As The Observer On Test

Your Instructor As The Observer On Test

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Taking your driving instructor as the observer on test is now possible.

As from the 6th April 2010 you are now allowed to take an observer on test with you. The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) encourages you to take your driving instructor with you, but you are allowed to take another observer on test, preferably the person who has taught you to drive. Either way, they will be required to sit in the back of the car and not interact with you or offer advice in anyway throughout your driving test.

Some learner drivers see taking an observer on test as a negative move, as they don’t want the added pressure of knowing that there’s another person in the car. However, for most this is a positive change to the driving test, as it allows the observer on test to listen to the feedback provided by the examiner at the end of the test

Pros of taking an observer on test with you

If you do decide to take your instructor with you as the observer on test, they will be able to tell you exactly where you went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistakes again next time, which will help to improve your overall learning and development.

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