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Driving Instructor Positivity Week 2014


This week is a special time for ADIs across the UK as it marks the first Driving Instructor Positivity Week.

Driving Instructor Positivity Week is a special initiative started up by ADI Chris Benstead who decided that instructors across the UK would benefit greatly from coming together and engaging in positive events and discussions.

Initially DIPW was just an idea Chris Benstead ADI had.

“for a while the driver training profession has been suffering from a sense of apathy, a focus on the negative.”

After sharing this idea with other instructors it gained large traction and gained massive support from ADIs and PDIs. Fellow instructors were inspired by a vision of positivity to help bring the industry forward.

This initiative is supported by Driving Test Success which ever since its formation has worked closely with driving instructors individually and collectively via their respective organisations.

As part of our support we're giving away 10 copies of our best-selling Driving Test Success All Tests DVD via a special quiz organised by Driving Instructor Positivity Week.

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