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Hazard Perception Test Video Clips: how many in the test?


The hazard perception test videos are part of the theory test and trip up a lot of people. Some people don't anticipate there to be so many videos and some even did not realise that part of their theory test includes a hazard perception test!

In your hazard perception test you view a total of 14 video clips last around one minute each. These hazard video clips are designed specifically to help you as a learner driver understand developing hazards and staying safe on the road.

The hazard perception test video clips are taken from a driver's viewpoint and involve a number of driving conditions, including:

- driving in different weather conditions

- urban driving and rural driving

- built up areas

- areas with high number of pedestrians

This variation gives you the learner the opportunity to have a wide range of skills for when you are driving.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you practise for your hazard perception as it is a test that you can not simply figure out when you start doing it in a DVSA test centre!

Our Hazard Perception PC Download shown below is hugely popular amongst learner drivers:

"I simply went through this program and watched the videos and the explanations of why I should click at certain points. I did the test yesterday and I passed my theory test! wooo! A great program - i revised the night before the test on this and I passed :) Highly recommended product"

"I had my test the next day (I'm a last minute person!) so bought this the night before. Was able to download it straight away and start using it. I went from having no clue what to do on the hazard perception test to feeling confident within a few hours. The clips were just like in my real test and I'm glad to say I passed first time with top marks! Highly recommended!"

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