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Hazard Perception Online Help: how to get top marks


Hazard Perception Online Help by Driving Test Success

The hazard perception test is tricky for most learner drivers. Not only do you have to learn about what a developing hazard is but when the optimum time to react to one is.

The key to scoring the highest marks in your hazard perception test is timing your clicks right. You can only achieve this by practising until you gain a true understanding on when a hazard becomes scorable in a test.

Firstly you must understand what a hazard is.

What is a hazard?

A hazard can be anything that could cause a driver to change speed, direction, stop or create harm. Usually, driving hazards are grouped into these categories:

- Physical (junctions, bends, roundabouts)

- Other Road Users (drivers, cyclists, pedestrians)

- Environmental (weather, road surfaces, time of day)

It is important to note that hazards often are not isolated. For example it could be a dark and windy night going through a roundabout with a cyclist in front.

When do I click on a hazard?

You should click when you see anything that has the potential to develop in to a hazard and click a second time IF it develops. If necessary you may wish to click a third time if the hazard continues to develop still.

If what you believed to be a hazard does not develop you should not click a second time. You will not be penalised if you do unless you click multiple times in succession.

By doing this you will increase your chance of scoring 4 to 5 points whilst at the same time minimising the chances of scoring zero points.

What should I do now?

It is imperative that you start practising for your hazard perception test. The best way to do this is with our PC Download software which emulates what you will have in the real test.

Available for just £9.99 you can start revising straight away and avoid having to pay for a retake of your theory test!

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