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DTS Anytime Fair Use Policy

Although Driving Test Success Anytime Pro offers “unlimited pupils”, this is subject to a “Fair Usage Policy”.

A Fair Usage Policy is necessary to ensure Driving Test Success Anytime’s hosting services, and the resources made available within it, are used fairly and operate reliably for all of our customers.
Driving Test Success Anytime Pro is aimed exclusively at driving instructors in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The £10 per month membership is intended and designed for a single instructor’s use with up to a maximum of two training cars. The membership is personal and under this “Fair Usage Policy” you are not allowed to share your membership, access to your ADI admin interface or your codes with another instructor or entity.
For driving schools and franchises, please contact Driving Test Success for pricing.

Each serial code that is sent to your pupils will be valid for 3 months from the date of activation. During the 3 months membership, a pupil has unlimited access to all the training tools and resources available on Driving Test Success Anytime. If after 3 months a pupil requires additional access to Driving Test Success Anytime you can distribute an additional code to extend their access for a further 3 months if deemed necessary.
If you cancel your monthly membership with Driving Test Success Anytime Pro, you will still have access to your ADI admin login but you will no longer be able to send out new serial codes to your pupils. Any activated codes will remain valid for the remaining duration.

Excessive behaviour will be determined by a number of factors including (but not limited to) the number of serial codes you send during a given month, the length of time which your excessive usage continues for, evidence of sharing serial codes with other instructors as well as the amount of resources being used.

If in our reasonable opinion, you have breached this Fair Usage Policy, we may contact you, using the details provided during registration to let you know that we deem your usage to be excessive and to discuss options to enable you and your pupils to continue to use Driving Test Success Anytime. In this event we reserve the right at our sole discretion but acting reasonably, to either (i) impose reasonable limits to reduce your usage; or (ii) agree a suitable fee structure with you to continue to use the service; or (iii) suspend your usage; or (iv) terminate your usage.

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