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Driving Test Success Pass Guarantee – Driving Test Success | Driving Theory Test & Learner Driver Revision
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Driving Test Success Pass Guarantee


About the Pass Guarantee

We’re so confident that Driving Test Success will help you pass, that we are offering you a full refund if you should fail your Theory Test after using this product thoroughly.

To claim a cheque equal to the amount you paid for this software, you must be able to show us that you failed your DVSA Driving Theory Test despite achieving a high standard within DTS software. To show that you qualify for a refund you must:

  1. Have already registered your DTS product with Focus Multimedia, using your real name.
  2. Always log in using an account bearing the name displayed on your Driving Theory Test entry form.
  3. Attempted a minimum of 10 full Theory Test exam sessions (including the Hazard Perception section).
  4. Achieved 100% pass rate for 3 consecutive Theory Test Exam Sessions taken within the last 15 days with an average of 10 minutes left over after answering all questions (Your exam Readiness Report must also state that you are “Ready” to sit your Driving Theory Test).
  5. Achieve at least 5 Hazard Perception exam passes (as part of the full Theory Test exam), with an average test result in excess of 65%.


You must also send us the following:

  • The Driving Test Success DVD-ROM (packaging not required – but the disc must be in fully working condition).
  • Your till receipt for this product, which must show the price, and where and when you purchased the product.
  • A printed copy of the test fail sheet (your name on the sheet must match your log-in name on the Exam Readiness Report).
  • Your full name and address.
  • A copy of this pass guarantee

As long as all our terms and conditions are met, and we receive your completed claim within 14 days of failing your Driving Theory Test, then you will receive a cheque refund, equal to the price you paid for the product.

Please post your application for a refund to:

DTS Pass Guarantee
Focus Multimedia Ltd
The Studios
Lea Hall Enterprise Park
Wheelhouse Road
WS15 1LH

Terms and Conditions

Only one application per purchase. The Pass Guarantee only applies where the DTS product has been purchased by a home user, for non-commercial use only. No claims will be accepted where the software has been made available for commercial use. Focus Multimedia reserves the right to request non-sensitive program data from your computer’s hard drive that will confirm your eligibility for refund.

In the event that DTS has been purchased as part of a pack, then the Pass Guarantee will only apply to the relevant portion of that pack’s retail price (for example, if DTS is one of three products within the pack the refund will be for one third of the pack’s retail price). In all cases, if the amount paid for the product exceeds Focus Multimedia’s suggested retail price, we reserve the right to pay a discretionary refund equal to Focus Multimedia’s suggested retail price for Driving Test Success.