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How to Gift the Theory Test App to your Pupils – Driving Test Success | Driving Theory Test & Learner Driver Revision
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How to Gift the Theory Test App to your Pupils


The Driving Test Success apps are best sellers in the Apple App Store. Hugely popular with learner drivers they're downloaded over 150,000 times every month.

As a result of the popularity of the Driving Test Success apps an increasing number of Driving Instructors are gifting out our theory test apps to their students.

It makes perfect sense too. For less than the price of a coffee you can give your pupil an app that will help them pass first time.

In fact, some ADI's are even advertising this as an incentive to gain new students.

Gifting an app to a pupil simply means purchasing the app for them to download on to their iPhone or iPad.

Follow these simple steps to gift our Theory Test App to your pupil:

1. Open the App Store on your iPad or iPhone and search 'focus theory'


2. Tap on the app that you would like to gift, this will open up the App details box.


3. On the top right of this box you will see this icon  - tap it


4. This will bring up a new box, on the bottom left you will see the Gift Icon  - tap it


5. You will now need to enter the email address of your pupil. You can also write a personal message. Tap Next on the top right


6. On this screen you can select the gift card image you would like, once you've decided on a design tap Next on the top right


7. The final step now is to confirm. Tap Buy on the top right


8. Your pupil will receive an email telling them that they've received an App Gift. All they need to do is open this email on their device and tap Redeem. Your pupil will now be on their way to theory test success!