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When Do The Clocks Go Forward In 2017?

When Do The Clocks Go Forward In 2017? Everything You Need To Know!

Winter is finally over, the days are going to get longer, the bad news is you’ll miss out on an hour in bed.

Those cold, dark, miserable mornings are over (hopefully…) as summer is just around the corner and on Sunday 26th March at 1:00 am the clocks are going to spring forward, so here’s everything you need to know.


What Time Do The Clocks Go Forward This Year?

This year, clocks go forward at 1:00 am on March 26 – signalling British Summer Time.

BST will remain until October 29 – when clocks go back by one hour at 2:00 am and GMT resumes. It does mean you'll lose an hours sleep unfortunately...

Clocks Go Back Sleep

Why Do The Clocks Go Back?

It’s Chris Martin’s fault… Well, not exactly, Chris Martin’s great-great-grandfather, William Willet, came up with the idea back in 1907 as he spent most of his life trying to convince people to get out of bed earlier to make the most of the brighter spring mornings!

The Summer Time Act of 1916 was passed by parliament and the first day of British Summer Time (BST) - which is sometimes referred to as Daylight Saving Time - was May 21, 1916 shortly after William Willet died.

Changing the clocks began during the First World War to save on the use of coal for light and heat.

Will It Affect My Driving?

It could, it’s only a difference of an hour, but if you’re driving when you’re used to being asleep you’re likely to be drowsy, so make sure you’re awake and alert before jumping in the car.

Also, the nights are getting longer so evening driving will become easier, however, the mornings will be darker and visibility will be low, so make sure you’re paying attention to the roads if you’re in the car in the morning.

While there are plenty of advocates on either side of the debate, the fact remains that daylight saving time can lead to increased car accidents. By being aware of the dangers and making necessary changes ahead of time, you can be better prepared for safe travelling this spring.

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