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Young Driver Car Insurance


Whether you’re a learner or have passed your test, have your own car or want to use mum’s or dad’s, you’re going to need insurance! But it can be so confusing trying to figure out which annual policy will be best for you as a young driver.

Got your own car?

Worried about the cost of getting on the road in your own car? We don’t blame you – it’s no small thing! Thankfully, there are ways in which you can help to bring the costs down and make your renewals more manageable.

  • If you’re on a provisional licence, then choose insurance that covers you once you’ve passed – that way there are no cancellation charges, and no scrambling to find a new policy!
  • Black box insurance doesn’t need to involve curfews, unfair penalties, or being constantly watched by your insurer. Having a black box fitted can lead to lower renewal premiums, because your policy price will be based on how well you’ve been driving.
  • Get a fully comprehensive policy. You might be tempted to get what seems like a cheaper option, but if you’re involved in a crash then the costs could be much higher than the fully comprehensive insurance would have been.

Driving the family car?

Many young drivers can’t afford to buy a car of their own, and yet being a named driver on mum’s or dad’s insurance is expensive business too!

  • Being a named driver is a common solution, but this can prove very pricey and your parent’s No Claims Discount could be affected if you have an accident.
  • A bolt-on policy can enable you to have your own insurance on the family car, earning your own No Claims Discount, without risking mum or dad’s No Claims Discount!
  • Fronting – where a parent claims to be the main driver of their car but actually their child is – is NEVER a good option. It’s considered fraudulent and would make the policy invalid if you made a claim and the fronting was realised by the insurer.

Our friends at Marmalade offer Named Young Driver Insurance on your car or the family car. Their black box insurance doesn’t enforce any curfews or complicated points systems, and whether you own your own car or drive a parent’s, you could be earning your own No Claims Discount. You can have the policy as a learner or a fully qualified driver, and the premium won’t be put up once you pass.