Hazard Perception Test Revision - Windows Download

Hazard Perception Test Revision - Windows Download

With over 80 interactive clips, this download contains all the essential tools you’ll need to pass the hazard perception section of the official DVSA theory test.

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Why learners love this:

  • Over 80 interactive hazard perception clips
  • Detailed reviews of each clip to show you where you went wrong or right
  • In depth progress monitor to make sure you’re ready to take the real test
  • All you need to know to pass the hazard perception section of the official DVSA theory test

Hazard Perception Clips

Practise using over 700 high quality interactive video clips covering a variety of environments and road conditions to help prepare you for your test. You can sit hazard perception mock tests and review each clip to improve your skills.

Over 160 Clips

Each volume features over 80 unique interactive Hazard Perception clips, with reviews and expert advice after each section. Purchase both volumes 1 & 2 together and get access to over 160 clips to help you fully prepare for your theory test.

Unlimited Mock Tests

Work your way through unlimited mock tests, which are set up just like the real thing! With each practise session you will be able to view a detailed explanation of every answer, and review questions with instant feedback.

Built-in Cheat Detector

Practise using CGI video clips with a built in cheat detection system to make sure you don't accidentally slip up in the real test.

Windows Download

Download Driving Test Success direct to your Windows PC or device and access hours worth of interactive revision materials to help you pass your test first time, and free updates to make sure you have the latest, up to date information.

11 Million Learners So Far

Driving Test Success has helped over 11 million learners prepare for their Theory Tests, with 8 out of 10 users successfully passing first time!




Any PC, Laptop or Tablet running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Internet connection required for installation, updates and web links. Broadband required for voice overs.


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